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Stage 1

Farmers can sell in their produces at better prices from their fields without thinking about factors like logistics, middlemen, packaging etc.

Stage 2

A dedicated cell to assure and certify the quality of produces sold on our platform that take into consideration a sufficient number of factors.

Stage 3

A highly efficient, robust, trustworthy and timely service that ensures safe movement of goods from farm to consumers procurement location.

Stage 4

Consumers can choose from a variety of produces and buy them hassle-free in a click without worrying about factors like logistics, quality, prices.

Formula that makes us best amongst rest

Best Quality

FALCA, as a service provider would ensure that the consumer receives produces of highest quality at best prices. We have a dedicated quality assurance team constituting of agricultural experts to reveiew and certify products sold on our platform

Save Time

FALCA, is a kind of market aggregator platform that allows trade of goods without it being physically present in market. Time is money and by using FALCA, farmers and consumers are just one click away from selling and buying the produces.

Live Bidding

FALCA, is India's fastest growing agri e-market. We provide a Live Bidding Platform for the all interested buyers. The pricing mechanism is clean and crystal clear and you get produces at the prices you see. We assure you the markets best prices.

Less Worries

FALCA, provides hassle-free procurement process and enables the consumer to focus on their core business. We are trying to make the process of procuring the produces easy by providing end to end solutions This is one of our main goal.

Words from our founders

Santosh Danegoudar


Though agriculture is a highly unorganized sector, a little push can make things organized is what we feel. Personally coming from an agricultural background, I have witnessed problems faced by farmers be it proper pricing, crop health, middlemen atrocities, lack of storage of facilities etc.

The idea of bringing technology into agriculture was challenging. We initially rolled out a pilot project and the response we received from both farmers and consumers was overwhelming and that made us to think bigger. We slowly built a field team, a quality assurance team with QA cell, application development team and sales team. Today we can proudly say we have over 2000 plus farmers using our apps around 500 plus transactions and the number is growing day by day.

Kingston Smiler Selvaraj


Connecting farmers to consumers was one of the bigger accomplishment but when we deep dived and did a thorough research of our pilot project results we realised there were more problems faced like storage facilities, crop planning, etc. In order to counter these we have started building app.

This will help farmers find storage facilities when demand for their produce is low, analyse the soil and climate pattern along with historical data and current data for a crop, plan logistics for their produces and a marketplace for high technology equiments and methodologies. In the long run, our aim is to not only limit FALCA to agricultural products but diversify our idea into field of fisheries, poultry and other commodities and span accross countries.

Our Esteemed Customers